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The Island of Lemnos

Lemnos is the 7th largest island of Greece and is situated in the northeastern Aegean Sea, between the islands Mytilene and Thasos. It is a rather secluded island, due to the distance that separates it from Athens. For this reason Lemnos is considered “off the grid”, as far as mainstream tourism goes. For this reason, its unspoiled charm makes it a great destination for those who seek relaxation and privacy.

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The landscape in Lemnos

Unique landscape

Its beautiful and unique landscape offers inspiration to artists. The coastline is fringed with golden sandy beaches, surrounded by amazing rock formations – a great study in shape and texture.

Lemnos is a primeval place. The visitor understands this at first glance once he visits the sights – the geological park of Faraklo with its extraordinary lava formations. The spectacular sand dunes of Gomati – the Greek Sahara, the vast, sparkling “whiteness” of the wetlands of Keros, host to many migrating birds. Several architectural sights offer an insight into ancient times – Ancient Poliohni, the oldest known European Parliament, the ancient theatre of Ifestia, the cave of Filoctetes and Kaviria. According to ancient Greek mythology, Lemnos was home to the Amazons and ancient god Hephaestus’ copper workshop.

The Perfect Surrounding

Myrina, the island’s capital, is a charming town with quaint cobble stone walkways. seaside cafes and restaurants, and modern shops, crowned by the medieval castle where wild deer graze freely.

Lemnos, off the beaten tourist track, offers local gourmet dishes and local old-world ambiance, tiny picturesque villages with turn of the century architecture. It is a serene destination packed with history and inspiration.

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