Explore lemnos with art

Experience art and the excitement of Lemnos Island as a unique travel adventure

Painting equipment + 4 hours/day of painting 8-9 People/group
What is

ArtMade Vacations

Discover inspiration on the beautiful island of Lemnos in Greece. Master new techniques and have fun while exploring the island.

The ArtΜade workshops offer an art journey which is two-fold.

To explore Lemnos, this very unique island while simultaneously exploring your own unique voice through the creative process.

You will be documenting your travel experience in an intuitive and free manner. While drawing, painting or experimenting with mixed media you will also be connecting to others involved in the very same creative process.

By the end of the 7day workshop, each participant will come away with an in-depth experience of an amazing travel destination and their own unique travel journal.

There will also be time for great excursions, local gourmet dinners and fun nights.

What we offer

Painting equipment

Standard A4 sketchbook, Bristol paper

Your own painting kit

Acrylic colors, Acrylic gel medium, Gesso, Set of 6 brushes - various sizes, pencil, charcoal, various pastels


We will be there to assist you in any way possible


From and to the lodgings


An award-winning illustrator, experienced in teaching art


Traditional house and stone-built cottage at Repanidi village


Creative field trips

A Journey of Art

ΑrtΜade offers a series of unique art workshops. We propose an alternative method of bringing together people who share the same passion for creative image- making, in an environment full of creative energy. Our belief is that creativity flourishes in settings which are stress-free and friendly, where artists can experiment and push their skills further, while exploring new techniques and diverse materials.

"We experienced Lemnos, Hephaestus’ island, with its unique landscapes, flavors and warm hospitality. A trouly creative and relaxing journey"
George K.

Our unique hospitality

A beautiful country home in the village of Repanidi, surrounded by a shady, cool garden, have been transformed into peaceful retreats for accommodating our guests.

The Island of Lemnos

Lemnos is the 7th largest island of Greece and is situated in the northeastern Aegean Sea, between the islands Mytilene and Thasos. It is a rather secluded island, due to the distance that separates it from Athens. For this reason, Lemnos is considered “off the grid”, as far as mainstream tourism goes. For this reason, its unspoiled charm makes it a great destination for those who seek relaxation and privacy.