An alternative learning method

The artmade team offers a series of unique illustration workshops. We propose an alternative method of bringing together people who share the same passion for art creation in an environment full of creative energy.

Our belief is that creativity flourishes in settings which are stress-free and friendly, where artists can experiment and push their skills further, while exploring and enjoying a new environment.

The workshops consist of 7 days (including departure day) divided into 24hr tuition, which combine lectures, critiques and studio time. Under the guidance of award-winning illustrator Katerina Veroutsou, participants are encouraged to delve into new techniques using diverse media and experimenting freely. artmade focuses on techniques done by human hands.

Who may attend

We welcome professional or non-professional illustrators and artists, people who wish to expand their artistic horizons, or people who would just like to combine their hobby with their vacation. artmade is open to all who are interested in exploring the creative process of art concepts.

Our groups are small, which allows for a warm, friendly environment and at the same time enabling us plenty of time for one-on-one guidance.

Experimenting with art in a beautiful island

Under the guidance of instructor Paris Asvestas, you will deal with the aspects of drawing the human figure, while Daniela Stamatiadi will lead you through the process of further experimentation with the human form. Katerina Veroutsou - your host – will guide you through the art of picture making and experimenting with various techniques and materials. We will examine form and line, color and tone, the human figure, and composition and abstraction through methods that are geared to loosen you up and allow you to enjoy the creative process.

By visiting various sites and landscapes, through the use of a sketchbook, we will examine how nature feeds imagination, how to create “a sense of place”, and how to go from observation to imaginative concepts and ideas.

During the excursions, we will take the time for a swim in the wonderfully refreshing blue waters of the Aegean, to relax over a glass of wine and to savor authentic traditional cuisine in small local taverns.