Katerina Veroutsou

Katerina is a freelance illustrator, working with the most prominent publishing houses in Greece and has illustrated close to 200 titles of children’s’ books. These include non-fiction as well as picture books. She grew up in North America – Montreal, Canada and New York, USA and studied art at Concordia University of Montreal.

She has received the national award for the best illustrated children’s book for the year 2009. Two more picture books illustrated by her have been granted awards by the IBBY (International Board on Books for Young people) in 2010 and 2014.

She has participated in numerous art exhibitions, both abroad and in Greece.

She teaches art to children and adults and her strong belief is that art making should be a source of pleasure. The artmade workshops are all about having fun while being creative.

Katerina knows that a foundation of basic drawing skills is necessary in all creative work, but she also knows all too well, the artists’ “freeze” in front of a blank page. Through exercises which are geared towards making inspiration flow, she will strive to make the creative process enjoyable and lots of fun!